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Lindemann Total Care Diesel

49.55 Incl. tax

Suitable for all diesel engines. High-quality additive that cleans the fuel system (including injectors) and the entire intake and exhaust system all in one treatment. This also includes the particulate filter, the EGR valve, the turbo and the intake. 1 can of 1 liter is good for a full tank (maximum 80 liters). Shake well before use!

Velorest Bike Care Bundle

Original price was: €16.45.Current price is: €14.01. Incl. tax

Clean your bike with the Velorest Bike Cleaner and protect with the Velorest Bike Protector. High quality for a nice combo deal!

Velorest Bike Clean Bundle

Original price was: €15.62.Current price is: €13.18. Incl. tax

Let your bike shine again with the Velorest Bike Clean Bundle. With the Velorest Bike Cleaner and Chain Cleaner you can remove the most stubborn dirt!

Velorest Bike Cleaner 500ML

7.40 Incl. tax

Velorest Bike Cleaner 500ml is a powerful bike cleaner that makes your bike shine again! This bike cleaner is suitable for every type of bicycle, from city bike to sporty use. This product has been specially developed to remove the most stubborn dirt such as mud, sand, grass, grease and salt without affecting parts. With the Velorest Bike Cleaner we have a product that is multifunctional and can be used for all bicycle parts.

Velorest Bike Protector 200ML

9.05 Incl. tax

Keep your bike in top condition and give it some extra love every now and then. With the Velorest Bike Protector you can make your bike showroom ready again! This Bike Protector offers a 100% vegetable nano-coating for your bike, resulting in long-lasting protection against external influences.

Velorest Chain Care Bundle

Original price was: €25.50.Current price is: €22.27. Incl. tax

It is important to properly maintain your bicycle chain. The Velorest Chain Care Bundle consists of 3 products that are needed to keep your chain in top condition! First the Velorest Chain Cleaner for cleaning your bicycle chain. After cleaning, the chain should also be lubricated again. The Velorest Chain Wax is suitable for all weather conditions and the Velorest Chain Lueb Wet comes into its own in wet conditions!

Velorest Chain Cleaner 500ML

8.22 Incl. tax

Velorest Chain Cleaner is a very effective and powerful chain cleaner for all types of bicycle chains. In addition, it is also suitable for the rest of the drivetrain, such as the cassette and derailleur. By regularly cleaning the entire drivetrain thoroughly, you ensure that the parts last a lot longer. Furthermore, you guarantee an optimal functioning of your Chain Wax or Chain Lube.

Velorest Chain Lube Wet 100ML

8.22 Incl. tax

The Velorest Chain Lube Wet is a very high quality chain lubricant. This Chain Lube has been specially developed for wet and harsh conditions. It is suitable for all types of bicycle chains, but especially for mountain bikes and road bikes. Velorest Chain Lube has a unique composition of 15 raw materials and includes wax and Teflon.

Velorest Chain Wax 100ML

9.05 Incl. tax

Velorest Chain Wax is a 100% vegetable chain wax, designed to protect your chain and extend its life. During application, the wax penetrates deep into the links and provides a water and dirt-repellent protective layer. The Velorest Chain Wax comes into its own in dry conditions, but it can also work in wet and cold conditions!

Velorest Total Bundle

Original price was: €41.94.Current price is: €37.15. Incl. tax

The Velorest Total Bundle contains everything you need to properly maintain your bike. This Total Bundle from Velorest consists of 5 top products; Velorest Bike Cleaner, Velorest Chain Cleaner, Velorest Bike Protector, Velorest Chain Wax and the Velorest Chain Lube Wet

Velorest Wax Bundle

Original price was: €18.10.Current price is: €15.66. Incl. tax

Protect your bike and chain with the Velorest Wax Bundle. The Wax Bundle consists of Velorest Bike Protector 200ml and Chain Wax 100ml. Both products are 100% biodegradable. Even the packaging is recyclable! High quality and durable!