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Velorest Bike Care Bundle

14.01 Incl. tax

Clean your bike with the Velorest Bike Cleaner and protect with the Velorest Bike Protector. High quality for a nice combo deal!

Velorest Bike Clean Bundle

13.18 Incl. tax

Let your bike shine again with the Velorest Bike Clean Bundle. With the Velorest Bike Cleaner and Chain Cleaner you can remove the most stubborn dirt!

Velorest Bike Cleaner 500ML

7.40 Incl. tax

Velorest Bike Cleaner 500ml is a powerful bike cleaner that makes your bike shine again! This bike cleaner is suitable for every type of bicycle, from city bike to sporty use. This product has been specially developed to remove the most stubborn dirt such as mud, sand, grass, grease and salt without affecting parts. With the Velorest Bike Cleaner we have a product that is multifunctional and can be used for all bicycle parts.

Velorest Total Bundle

37.15 Incl. tax

The Velorest Total Bundle contains everything you need to properly maintain your bike. This Total Bundle from Velorest consists of 5 top products; Velorest Bike Cleaner, Velorest Chain Cleaner, Velorest Bike Protector, Velorest Chain Wax and the Velorest Chain Lube Wet

bicycle cleaner

A clean bicycle not only looks nicer, it is also better for your bicycle. You can of course clean your bicycle with soapy water, but it is better to use a bicycle cleaner. Do you use the bike during the winter months? Then clean it more often, especially when there is snow and sleet on the road. The salt that comes out of the gritters splashes onto your bike while cycling. This is not good for your bike. Salt is not the only culprit, other dirt can also be harmful to a bicycle in the long term. Think of sand and mud splashing against your mountain bike after a rough off-road ride.

Dirt can cause many problems. This can damage the paint and cause it to rust. In addition, it is possible that the bicycle moves less smoothly, due to a dirty or rusting chain. Cleaning a bicycle is therefore an important task, which is standard maintenance.

Buy bicycle cleaner

There are various bicycle cleaners on the market, but Velorest Bike Cleaner is one of the better products. It is a bicycle cleaner that makes your bicycle sparkling clean. It doesn’t matter what kind of bike you have, Velorest Bike Cleaner is suitable for all types of bikes. Think of mountain bikes, city bikes and racing bikes, for example. After experiencing this bike cleaner, you won’t want to use another cleaner anytime soon.

The Velorest cleaner is safe to use, because it is suitable for all parts of your bicycle. So it does not affect any parts. This bicycle cleaner is even suitable for degreasing and cleaning the chain, although we recommend Velorest Chain Cleaner for thorough cleaning of the chain. This is even more powerful and specially developed for the most dirty bicycle chains. Velorest Chain Cleaner can be found in our webshop.

Powerful Bicycle Cleaner

Velorest Bike Cleaner is a very powerful water-based bicycle cleaner. Compared to other bicycle cleaners, Velorest Bike Cleaner cleans very quickly and thoroughly. It also degreases and deodorizes. It even eliminates the smells of, for example, mildew and mold. You can remove mud, grass, sand, salt and many other types of dirt in no time at all. We recommend using this cleaner in combination with a brush and warm water. Read the manual before use. After cleaning, it is best to use Velorest Bike Protector, which gives the bicycle a protective layer. This is the finishing touch after cleaning.