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Velorest Chain Care Bundle

22.27 Incl. tax

It is important to properly maintain your bicycle chain. The Velorest Chain Care Bundle consists of 3 products that are needed to keep your chain in top condition! First the Velorest Chain Cleaner for cleaning your bicycle chain. After cleaning, the chain should also be lubricated again. The Velorest Chain Wax is suitable for all weather conditions and the Velorest Chain Lueb Wet comes into its own in wet conditions!

Velorest Chain Lube Wet 100ML

8.22 Incl. tax

The Velorest Chain Lube Wet is a very high quality chain lubricant. This Chain Lube has been specially developed for wet and harsh conditions. It is suitable for all types of bicycle chains, but especially for mountain bikes and road bikes. Velorest Chain Lube has a unique composition of 15 raw materials and includes wax and Teflon.

Velorest Chain Wax 100ML

9.05 Incl. tax

Velorest Chain Wax is a 100% vegetable chain wax, designed to protect your chain and extend its life. During application, the wax penetrates deep into the links and provides a water and dirt-repellent protective layer. The Velorest Chain Wax comes into its own in dry conditions, but it can also work in wet and cold conditions!

Velorest Total Bundle

37.15 Incl. tax

The Velorest Total Bundle contains everything you need to properly maintain your bike. This Total Bundle from Velorest consists of 5 top products; Velorest Bike Cleaner, Velorest Chain Cleaner, Velorest Bike Protector, Velorest Chain Wax and the Velorest Chain Lube Wet

Velorest Wax Bundle

15.66 Incl. tax

Protect your bike and chain with the Velorest Wax Bundle. The Wax Bundle consists of Velorest Bike Protector 200ml and Chain Wax 100ml. Both products are 100% biodegradable. Even the packaging is recyclable! High quality and durable!

Chain grease

Lubricating the bicycle chain is something that should not be underestimated. A bicycle chain is an essential part, because without a bicycle chain you will not get anywhere! To lubricate the bicycle chain, we recommend that you preferably try the chain grease from DPP, Dutch Performance Products. The DPP Chain Lube is a chain grease of exceptional quality! Use it and extend the life of the bicycle chain!

Chain grease bicycle

There are many different types of lubricants for bicycle chains. In the search for a suitable chain grease for your bicycle, it is important to determine beforehand how often and why a bicycle will be used. A mountain bike is often used with wet conditions (winter months), a road bike often with dry conditions (dry months) and a continuous city bike in all conditions throughout the year. To extend the life of the bicycle chain, it is recommended to regularly apply the chain grease. This keeps the chain flexible and prevents wear!

Buy chain grease

Want to buy DPP Chain Grease? This is a good decision! Our product stands for quality and durability. The DPP Chain Lube is definitely recommended. Combine your purchase with the DPP Bike & Chain Cleaner, with which you can thoroughly clean the bicycle (chain) after an afternoon slogging through the mud. If you order before 16:00, we will ship it the same day! From €25,- we will send it for free! Service and reliability are very important to us and we appreciate it if you leave a review.