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Velorest Chain Care Bundle

22.27 Incl. tax

It is important to properly maintain your bicycle chain. The Velorest Chain Care Bundle consists of 3 products that are needed to keep your chain in top condition! First the Velorest Chain Cleaner for cleaning your bicycle chain. After cleaning, the chain should also be lubricated again. The Velorest Chain Wax is suitable for all weather conditions and the Velorest Chain Lueb Wet comes into its own in wet conditions!

Velorest Chain Wax 100ML

9.05 Incl. tax

Velorest Chain Wax is a 100% vegetable chain wax, designed to protect your chain and extend its life. During application, the wax penetrates deep into the links and provides a water and dirt-repellent protective layer. The Velorest Chain Wax comes into its own in dry conditions, but it can also work in wet and cold conditions!

Velorest Total Bundle

37.15 Incl. tax

The Velorest Total Bundle contains everything you need to properly maintain your bike. This Total Bundle from Velorest consists of 5 top products; Velorest Bike Cleaner, Velorest Chain Cleaner, Velorest Bike Protector, Velorest Chain Wax and the Velorest Chain Lube Wet

Velorest Wax Bundle

15.66 Incl. tax

Protect your bike and chain with the Velorest Wax Bundle. The Wax Bundle consists of Velorest Bike Protector 200ml and Chain Wax 100ml. Both products are 100% biodegradable. Even the packaging is recyclable! High quality and durable!

Chain Wax

If you regularly use the bicycle, extra maintenance is not an unnecessary luxury. Chain wax is a product that should be used as standard during bicycle maintenance. The chain is perhaps the heart of the bicycle, so treat it with love.

Almost every cyclist knows that the chain must be lubricated regularly, but they do not delve into the substance they use. Usually this is because they don’t know exactly what goals you achieve with the lubrication. Often they only know that it is necessary to let the chain move smoothly, but there are more reasons to lubricate your bicycle chain. For example, because of this ignorance, people use oil instead of wax.

By buying chain wax you will save a lot of time. The first time you have to invest some time and attention, because the chain must be completely clean. This will eventually pay off. After applying the chain wax, your chain will become a lot less dirty, the dirt that is on it can easily be removed with a dry cloth. Chain wax is water, sand and dirt repellent, while oil attracts dirt.

Of all bicycles, the mountain bike is perhaps the most exposed to dirt, sand and water. Chain wax is therefore the best lubricant for the avid mountain biker. After a wild ride, you spend much less time cleaning your mountain bike. When using oil, you still have a lot of work to remove the dirt from the chain. Our chain wax is an enrichment for your hobby or sport.

Velorest Chain Wax is a high-quality product with a long effect. It has been specially developed for cyclists and mountain bikers who want to keep their chain in good condition. Without regular lubrication. Our chain wax penetrates deeply between the links, so it has an efficient effect. Cycling is a healthy activity, partly because you are active in the open air. A healthy environment is very important to keep the world healthy, therefore Velorest Chain Wax is an environmentally friendly product. So you are doing twice as well when you choose Velorest chain wax. Velorest Chain Wax is plant-based and biodegradable, free of microplastics and the packaging is completely recyclable. It is a chain wax that is safe for people and the environment.