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Lindemann Total Care Diesel

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Suitable for all diesel engines. High-quality additive that cleans the fuel system (including injectors) and the entire intake and exhaust system all in one treatment. This also includes the particulate filter, the EGR valve, the turbo and the intake. 1 can of 1 liter is good for a full tank (maximum 80 liters). Shake well before use!

Diesel Cleaner

Diesel engines are still popular today. Especially for business drivers and people who drive a lot of kilometers every day. Unfortunately, a diesel engine can also have to deal with internal engine pollution. Of course, this is highly dependent on the driving style and how you handle the car. Driving short distances, for example, is not good for a diesel engine. As a result, the engine is often insufficiently or barely at temperature, with the risk of contamination.

Diesel Cleaner curative use

The most common problems with diesel engines are a dirty or clogged particulate filter, EGR valve and injectors. These problems have a negative effect on the engine’s performance and can cause the car to stutter or stall. Many problems can be prevented or solved with a Diesel Cleaner. The above problems can be efficiently solved with an EGR Cleaner or EGR cleaner from Lindemann.

Lindemann Diesel Cleaner

Lindemann has several premium quality additives that are suitable for all types of diesel engines. A fuel additive can be used both preventively and curatively. We advise car users to add a cleaning additive to the fuel once a year. For example, you can use the Lindemann Service Cleaner Diesel. The purpose of a diesel additive is to clean the fuel system. This includes injectors, valves and pistons.

Best Diesel Cleaner

There are many types of diesel cleaners offered on the market. All with their own specifications and properties. With the Total Care Diesel, Lindemann has one of the most powerful and best diesel cleaners available. This cleaner is so unique because it is a powerful all-in-one cleaner that thoroughly cleans the entire diesel fuel system. Think of the injectors, turbo, EGR valve, inlet and exhaust valves and the particulate filter. Read the reviews about this best diesel cleaner.

Buy Diesel Cleaner

A Diesel Cleaner is easy to use and you can add it to the fuel tank yourself. Shake well before use and preferably add to the fuel system before refueling. This allows the diesel additive to mix well with the diesel fuel. You will find the best products at Dutch Performance Products. Orders placed before 16:00 will be shipped today.