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Lindemann Total Care Diesel

49.55 Incl. tax

Suitable for all diesel engines. High-quality additive that cleans the fuel system (including injectors) and the entire intake and exhaust system all in one treatment. This also includes the particulate filter, the EGR valve, the turbo and the intake. 1 can of 1 liter is good for a full tank (maximum 80 liters). Shake well before use!

Clean a dirty soot filter

A dirty particulate filter generally manifests itself in an orange warning light. When the particulate filter light comes on, this generally means that your particulate filter is dirty. This can be professionally cleaned on the one hand, but also in a simpler way on the other.

You can easily remove soot in the particulate filter with a particulate filter cleaner. The Lindemann Total Care Diesel is an example of a diesel particulate filter cleaner. The high concentration of active substances ensures that the combustion temperature is lowered, so that the soot burns more easily.

DPF Cleaner

Do you have a clogged or dirty diesel particulate filter (DPF)? Lindemann has developed a DPF Cleaner especially for these kinds of problems. The Lindemann Total Care Diesel is a diesel cleaner that you can easily add to the fuel system. In our animation video we explain exactly what the operation of this product is and how it can best be used.

DPF Cleaner Lindemann

The Lindemann Total Care Diesel is a high-quality DPF Cleaner that, in addition to cleaning the particulate filter, also thoroughly cleans the EGR valve, injectors, turbo, inlet and exhaust valves. Lindemann’s additives are known for their high concentration of active ingredients. This immediately distinguishes the brand from the competition. When you choose Lindemann, you choose quality! Are you experiencing problems? Try Lindemann’s DPF Cleaner.

Best DPF Cleaner

Looking for the best DPF Cleaner? There are many different types of DPF cleaners available on the market. From 250 ml to 1 litre. Every brand has its specific properties. We dare to say that the Lindemann Total Care Diesel is one of the best particulate filter cleaners on the market due to all the positive experiences and reviews! Furthermore, this diesel cleaner can also be used for several problems, such as a clogged EGR valve.

Buy DPF Cleaner

Buying a product with a high concentration of active ingredients? Then you have come to the right place at Dutch Performance Products. We are an importer and supplier of Lindemann additives and our products are the most competitively priced. Ordered before 4pm, shipped today. Looking for an EGR cleaner? This product is also suitable for that!