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Lindemann Total Care Diesel

49.55 Incl. tax

Suitable for all diesel engines. High-quality additive that cleans the fuel system (including injectors) and the entire intake and exhaust system all in one treatment. This also includes the particulate filter, the EGR valve, the turbo and the intake. 1 can of 1 liter is good for a full tank (maximum 80 liters). Shake well before use!

EGR cleaner

Lindemann Total Care Diesel is a powerful EGR Cleaner that is very suitable for cleaning the EGR valve. Lindemann’s Total Care Diesel removes paint, deposits, carbon deposits and other dirt residues. Replacing an EGR valve is expensive, because it is in a hard-to-reach place. This diesel additive from Lindemann offers a solution, because you can use it to clean your contaminated EGR valve without disassembly. After the cleaning process, your car will idle again and accelerate better. The Lindemann Total Care Diesel has a positive influence on the engine performance and extends the life of the EGR valve.

EGR cleaner diesel

The Total Care Diesel is a diesel additive that is suitable for all brands and types of diesel engines. With this you can clean the EGR valve yourself. The fuel additive contains even more agents and also cleans the entire fuel system including the turbo, injectors, EGR valve and particulate filter. This makes Lindemann Total Care Diesel a versatile additive.

EGR cleaner Lindemann

As you have already read, the Lindemann Total Care Diesel belongs to one of the best egr cleaners on the market. The TCD is a liter can that you can easily add to the fuel tank yourself. Shake well before use. We recommend that you take a 15 to 20 minute ride immediately after adding the TCD. One liter of egr cleaner is good for 80 liters and can be added completely. This diesel product can be used both preventively and curatively.

Buy EGR cleaner

Want to buy EGR cleaner? You will only find a powerful and concentrated cleaning additive like this at Lindemann. Lindemann’s additives contain more active ingredients and offer a long-lasting and sustainable solution. Replacing an EGR valve is a time consuming and expensive job. Therefore, cleaning the EGR valve with an egr cleaner is the cheapest and best way to save costs. Easily clean the EGR valve yourself with an EGR cleaner? You can buy a product of your choice via the shop or our dealer. This product can also be used as a DPF Cleaner!