Fuel system cleaner

Looking for a fuel additive that can clean the entire fuel system? Lindemann has a fuel system cleaner for diesel and petrol engines. With a product of this quality you can easily clean a contaminated fuel system. It removes scale, deposits and other debris from inside the fuel system including the injectors, valves and catalytic converter. By using a Lindemann cleaning additive, you reduce the risk of recurring pollution and prevent expensive repairs. You can add the Lindemann Service Cleaners to the fuel tank yourself. For best results we recommend using this additive annually or every 5000 kilometers.

Fuel system cleaner petrol

The Lindemann Service Cleaner Petrol is a powerful fuel system cleaner and suitable for all petrol engines. There is also a Service Cleaner Diesel for the diesel engines. The preventive addition of a premium quality petrol cleaner annually or every 5000 km as this results in optimal engine performance and a clean fuel system. To keep the fuel system clean, you can add a Lindemann Fuel System Cleaner with every refueling. This petrol addition is good for 400 liters of petrol, which equates to 8 to 10 refueling! Would you like to clean the fuel system yourself with a petrol cleaner? The Lindemann Service Cleaner Petrol is the petrol additive to use for this.

Buy fuel system cleaner

Clean the entire fuel system? Use the Service Cleaner Petrol or Diesel and clean the entire fuel system by adding the bottle of fuel additive to the fuel before refueling. This allows it to mix well with the gasoline or diesel fuel and start the cleaning process. You can buy Lindemann products through this online shop.