Injector cleaner

Does your car stutter, experience a loss of power, does your fuel consumption increase or do you want to thoroughly clean the fuel system? Use a Lindemann injector cleaner for this. This high-quality additive cleans the injectors, valves, catalytic converter, fuel pump and pipes. The Lindemann Service Cleaner is available for diesel and petrol engines. Dirty injectors disrupt the injection system and prevent fuel from atomizing properly. Every additive manufacturer has its own type of cleaning additive in its range. Unlike these manufacturers, the Lindeman Service Cleaner contains a higher concentration of active ingredients. This results in a powerful effect of the fuel additive. You can buy a Lindemann Service Cleaner through the shop or from one of our resellers.


Buy injector cleaner

Do you suffer from dirty injectors? Having injectors replaced is a fairly expensive repair. You should therefore clean the injectors yourself with a Lindemann Service Cleaner Diesel or Petrol. You can easily buy these products yourself through our shop. When you order two products, it will be shipped for free (above 25 euros). Placed your order before 4:00 PM? Then it will be shipped today and you will have it at home tomorrow!