Petrol additive

Are you looking for a gasoline additive? Lindemann has different types of products that are suitable for all petrol engines. Such a product cleans, among other things, the fuel system, injectors, injectors, valves, fuel pump and pipes and ensures better combustion and atomization of the fuel. In addition to a petrol cleaner, Lindemann also has a petrol additive that prevents contamination.

Petrol additive motorcycle

This product can be used for all types of petrol engines, including car, moped, scooter, lawn mower, motorcycle, etc. With a bottle of Service Cleaner Lindemann petrol you can easily clean the fuel system yourself. Since the transition from Euro95 / 98 to E5 and E10 petrol, more and more engines have to deal with E10 petrol problems. Before refueling, add a Lindemann additive.

Service Cleaner from Lindemann

There are many different types of products available in today's additive market. However, there is a lot of difference, such as quality, active ingredients and price. A Lindemann additive is one of the better fuel additives on the market. This is due to a higher concentration of active substances that ensure that the fuel system is completely cleaned. You can use a Lindemann Service Cleaner Benzine as a fuel system cleaner, carburettor cleaner and catalytic converter cleaner.

Buy petrol additive

Convinced that a Lindemann product can add value to your vehicle? Then order a bottle of Lindemann Service Cleaner Petrol of 400 ml for cleaning or the Fuel System Cleaner of 400 ml for cleaning (preventive use) of the fuel system. The Lindemann Fuel System Cleaner is a product that is good for 400 liters of petrol! You can easily buy a petrol additive through this shop. Order before 4 p.m., shipped today. It is cheaper to order two bottles, because we ship for free from 25 euros.