Lindemann Diesel Boost

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Lindemann Diesel Boost cleans and lubricates the entire diesel fuel system. Regularly adding it to your refueling keeps the engine and fuel system clean and in good condition.

Lindemann Diesel Boost separates (condensation) water very quickly, which prevents many problems nowadays. Ideal for garages to fill up the fuel filter!

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Lindemann Diesel Boost

The Lindemann Diesel Boost is an additive that cleans and lubricates the entire fuel system. Regularly adding the Diesel Boost has a positive effect on the operation of the engine and so you keep the engine and fuel system clean.

Unlike other brands, the Diesel Boost does not contain any solvents! It is true that solvents have adverse properties (condensation) absorbs water. Due to the change from diesel to B7 diesel, in which bio-ethanol has been added, diesel contains more water. Water is disastrous for, among other things, the injectors and can cause a lot of damage. This can lead to mechanical problems and failure of the injectors / injectors.

The Lindemann Diesel Boost does not absorb condensation water. Instead, it ensures that condensation water is encapsulated and does not pass through the fuel filter. This prevents injectors from coming into contact with moisture. When you use the Diesel Boost, you will have to check and / or replace the fuel filter more often. This prevents expensive repairs and will certainly save you money. One broken injector is equivalent to buying 20 bottles of Lindemann Diesel Boost!

The regular addition of the Diesel Boost ensures a quieter and better performing engine. Furthermore, the Diesel Boost saves fuel and will pay for itself with diesel engines that make a lot of kilometers. This also has a positive influence on the emission of harmful exhaust gases and is therefore more environmentally friendly.


  • Has cleaning and lubricating properties
  • Does not contain any solvent
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Ensures better combustion
  • Prevents contamination on the injectors
  • Keep the fuel system clean
  • Prevents contamination on the EGR valve
  • Lubricates the fuel system including the high pressure pump
  • Reduces black exhaust smoke
  • Less carbon deposits
  • Suitable for filling the fuel filter

Dosage and use
A bottle of Lindemann Diesel Boost 400 ml is good for 100 liters of diesel fuel. For best results add before refueling. This allows the additive to mix well with the diesel. You can choose to add half a bottle per refueling. In this case, one bottle of Diesel Boost is good for 2 refuels. For a strong dose it is recommended to add the additive completely. Overdose is harmless to the motor. Shake well before use!

Lindemann Diesel Boost is widely used to fill fuel filters, this will make venting easier while the entire system is also cleaned and lubricated.

* The Diesel Boost is available in 400 ml, 5 liters and 20 liters.


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