Lindemann Service Cleaner Diesel

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High-quality additive that cleans the fuel system, including the injectors. Apply every 5000 kilometers. 1 400 ml bottle holds up to 80 liters of petrol. Shake well before use.

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Lindemann Service Cleaner Diesel

Cleaning the entire fuel system? Use this! The Lindemann Service Cleaner Diesel is a powerful cleaning additive that thoroughly cleans the entire fuel system. Of course we also have a Lindemann Service Cleaner Benzine that is suitable for all types of diesel engines.

The Service Cleaner Diesel removes carbon deposits and other dirt residues inside the engine and fuel system including the pistons, catalytic converter, valves and injectors. For best results, we recommend adding the Service Cleaner Benzine approximately once a year to a service or adding the 5000 kilometers to the fuel. Cleaning the fuel system annually with the Service Cleaner will make the engine run quieter and more economically.

In addition to the fuel system, also clean the EGR valve, turbo, the intake and exhaust system and the particulate filter? For this we have the Lindemann Total Care Diesel, a powerful all-in-one cleaner.

When the entire fuel system has been cleaned with the Lindemann Service Cleaner Diesel, it is advisable to also keep the fuel system clean. This is possible with the Lindemann Diesel Boost. This combination ensures optimal engine performance and cleaner combustion.



  • Removes deposits and other dirt residues
  • Provides better engine performance
  • Fixes power loss
  • Cleans the catalytic converter
  • Cleans the pistons and valves
  • Cleans the injectors
  • Less exhaust emissions
  • Apply annually or every 5000 kilometers
  • Improves nebulization
  • Has a positive effect on fuel consumption
  • Less engine noise
  • Thoroughly cleans the entire fuel system

Dosage and use
A bottle of Lindemann Service Cleaner Diesel 400 ml is good for 80 liters of diesel fuel. It is best to add the entire content before refueling. This allows it to mix well with the fuel in the tank. This promotes the cleaning process. Shake well before use. Overdose is harmless!



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