Lindemann Smokeless

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Lindemann Smokeless has been developed to combat smoke development and meet the ever increasing demands for diesel engine emissions from the pollutants in the exhaust.

By adding the Lindemann Smokeless additive to the fuel, the black smoke development will be reduced. This is achieved by an increase in the cetane number and a complete cleaning of the injection system. In addition, the fuel’s ability to atomize and burn in the combustion chamber is positively affected.


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Lindemann Smokeless

Lindemann Smokeless has been developed for diesel engines to combat smoke development in order to meet the increasing emission requirements.

Lindemann Smokeless is added to the fuel. It immediately mixes with the fuel and immediately results in an increase in the cetane number and a complete cleaning of the injection system such as pump and injectors. After only one hour, the cleaning will do all its work and the soot content will be significantly reduced.

In addition, the Lindemann Smokeless ensures that condensed water is not emulsified (absorbed) in the diesel fuel. If this is included in the fuel, it will cause corrosion and wear in the pump and especially injectors. The temperature of the fuel in the atomizers is so high that the condensed water turns into steam. Steam is disastrous for lubrication, resulting in additional wear on the atomizers. You can prevent this with the Smokeless.

For that reason alone, choose an additive from Lindemann because all our additives, such as the Dieselboost and Service cleaner Diesel, have the same properties and separate the condensation water from the fuel, so that no steam is formed.

By using Lindemann Smokeless the most common malfunctions are avoided and the better combustion makes the emissions more environmentally friendly.

TIP! Every 5000 km of Smokeless treatment keeps the engine in top condition, the entire fuel system is thoroughly cleaned, and the pump and injectors receive very strong lubrication.


  • Prevents wear of the injectors
  • Cleaning effect on EGR, Turbo and DPF
  • Increases the cetane number and improves atomization
  • Prevents black smoke and pollution
  • Fuel-saving
  • Also works with slight wear of the injectors
  • Not harmful to plastics, rubber hoses and seals
  • Improves combustion of the mixture
  • Powerful lubrication of pump and injectors

Dosage and use
Add the Lindemann Smokeless to the fuel tank with each refueling. Also suitable for filling up the fuel filter. Drive at least 50 km before having the soot check carried out. A 400 ml bottle is suitable for 80 liters of fuel.

It is recommended to shake the bottle well before use. An overdose is not harmful to the motor.


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