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Velorest Bike Care Bundle

14.01 Incl. tax

Clean your bike with the Velorest Bike Cleaner and protect with the Velorest Bike Protector. High quality for a nice combo deal!

Velorest Bike Clean Bundle

13.18 Incl. tax

Let your bike shine again with the Velorest Bike Clean Bundle. With the Velorest Bike Cleaner and Chain Cleaner you can remove the most stubborn dirt!

Velorest Bike Cleaner 500ML

7.40 Incl. tax

Velorest Bike Cleaner 500ml is a powerful bike cleaner that makes your bike shine again! This bike cleaner is suitable for every type of bicycle, from city bike to sporty use. This product has been specially developed to remove the most stubborn dirt such as mud, sand, grass, grease and salt without affecting parts. With the Velorest Bike Cleaner we have a product that is multifunctional and can be used for all bicycle parts.

Velorest Total Bundle

37.15 Incl. tax

The Velorest Total Bundle contains everything you need to properly maintain your bike. This Total Bundle from Velorest consists of 5 top products; Velorest Bike Cleaner, Velorest Chain Cleaner, Velorest Bike Protector, Velorest Chain Wax and the Velorest Chain Lube Wet

Road bike cleaner

Do you have a racing bike? Then clean it thoroughly before every ride. Not only because it makes cycling more pleasant, but also for your own safety. You can reach high speeds on a racing bike, a dirty bicycle chain does not work optimally. For example, dirt can build up in the drivetrain, such as in the links of the chain. This can cause the drivetrain to falter or even jam. You obviously don’t want this to happen, especially at very high speeds. It can cause a serious accident. So clean your racing bike regularly with a good cleaner.

To clean your racing bike, you can order Velorest Bike Cleaner and Velorest Chain Cleaner in our webshop. While Bike Cleaner focuses on the entire bicycle, Chain Cleaner has been specially developed for cleaning heavily soiled bicycle chains. As you could already read, we mainly talked about cleaning the chain, but cleaning the other parts is also important. Dirt can damage the frame of the bicycle and cause it to rust. This will significantly reduce the life of your racing bike.

Our cleaners are suitable for removing grass, sand, mud, salt and greasy layers such as oil and wax. It is a multifunctional product that is not only suitable for the road bike, you can also use it for the mountain bike, city bike and motorcycle. The Velorest cleaners are safe, so they do not affect any part of the bicycle. Think, for example, of bearings, the paint and the carbon. It thoroughly cleans your entire bike, it’s like having a new bike.

Velorest Bike Cleaner is a water-based bicycle cleaner that does its job quickly and thoroughly. It will not only remove the dirt, but also the bad smells will disappear. For example, you will no longer suffer from a mold and mildew smell. Always grease the bicycle chain again after using our bicycle cleaners. As you could already read, they are very suitable for removing oil and wax layers.

Buy road bike cleaner

Do you want to clean your racing bike less often? Then use Velorest Bike Protector. This applies a water and dirt-repellent coating to your bike, which is also 100% vegetable. It is a sustainable product for people, the environment and of course your bicycle. Velorest Bike Protector has a long-lasting effect and can withstand all weather conditions. Order all your bicycle cleaners and protectors in our webshop now.