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Lindemann Total Care Diesel

49.55 Incl. tax

Suitable for all diesel engines. High-quality additive that cleans the fuel system (including injectors) and the entire intake and exhaust system all in one treatment. This also includes the particulate filter, the EGR valve, the turbo and the intake. 1 can of 1 liter is good for a full tank (maximum 80 liters). Shake well before use!

Turbo cleaner

Do you want to clean your turbo yourself? Use the Lindemann Total Care Diesel for this. This powerful turbo cleaner is easy to use and cleans the turbo without disassembly. The fuel additive removes carbon deposits and stubborn dirt residues and ensures optimum engine performance. This is a powerful diesel cleaner that has been developed to clean the complete intake and exhaust system, including the EGR valve, turbo and particulate filter. The Total Care Diesel contains a very high content of active ingredients, which means that the quality of this additive is very high.

Operation turbo

With a car with a turbo, people immediately think of more power (hp), but this is not the only thing. The purpose of the turbo is to compress the intake air and then inject it, which gives the car extra oxygen. This results in better combustion, resulting in a more efficient running engine. This all sounds positive, but there is still a chance of a dirty turbo, which can indicate power loss, higher fuel consumption or a lot of exhaust smoke. With a turbo cleaner you can solve problems with your turbo relatively easily.

Turbo cleaner diesel

Lindemann’s Total Care Diesel solves turbo problems caused by pollution. Pollution is disastrous for the turbo and if nothing is done about this, a turbo can become clogged and malfunction. Repairing or replacing the turbo is quite expensive. You can save these costs by using a diesel turbo cleaner. These types of products make the turbo clean again and therefore extend the lifespan considerably.

Add turbo cleaner yourself

You simply add the Total Care Diesel to your fuel. In principle, one 1 liter can is sufficient for a full tank of fuel. The active substances mix in the diesel, after which the cleaning substances can do their job. The cleaning agents remain in the system up to and including the exhaust gases. When the exhaust gases pass through the EGR, particulate filter and the turbo, the substances will still do their cleaning effect. The turbo is driven by the exhaust gases, so this ensures that you can easily clean your turbo with the Total Care Diesel.

Buy turbo cleaner

Looking for a premium quality additive? At DPP you can buy powerful cleaning products. This turbo cleaner contains powerful cleaning additives that clean the turbo, injectors, EGR valve and particulate filter. Buying additives online is easy via the shop of Dutch Performance Products. Ordered before 4:00 PM, shipped today for free! Also looking for an oil additive or injector cleaner? You will also find it with us!

Turbo cleaner preventive use

The turbo contains no bearings and is therefore lubricated by the oil. The moment you have a dirty turbo, the dirt inside the shaft can cause damage. This often occurs in cars that drive short distances or have old/too little oil. But that’s not the only danger.

The turbo is powered for the exhaust gases. This goes up to about 150,000 revolutions per minute (!). You can imagine that the temperature inside the turbo can rise considerably. This sometimes creates the situation that a small amount of oil becomes so hot that it burns on the spot. This results in two drawbacks.

First of all, fatty oil vapors are released during combustion, which precipitate in the turbo and cause pollution. In addition, situations arise where there is temporarily no lubrication available. At this high speed, lubrication is essential and lack of lubrication causes wear.

By adding the Lindemann Engine Performance Treatment to the engine oil, an internal Teflon layer is created on all parts. The Teflon particles contained in this product settle on all vulnerable parts, with two important advantages. To start with, Teflon has a much higher combustion temperature than oil, so the Teflon will not just burn at this speed. Furthermore, this Teflon layer offers protection at all times and thus prevents wear. In addition, dirt does not adhere to Teflon, greasy oil vapors and exhaust gases will not adhere to the Teflon layer, so that the turbo remains clean.